What Makes A Good Family Entertainment Center Website

In our lives these days there, are so many things that try to matter to us; emails, phone calls, and bills but some of life’s happiest and most precious moments come from spending time with family.

Away from the world, just together as a family for some relaxation and fun. Going to family entertainment centers is one great way of doing this.

Thanks to Google, you can find out about the best family fun centers in your neighborhood and even make bookings online.

Having a good website for your family fun center business is very important, and you should, first of all, ensure that you have one.

If you already have one, you need to see to it that you are getting bookings as expected monthly. Have you taken the time to study the conversion rate for your family fun center website?

Times have changed, and it is crucial to ignore conversion rates. Your business needs the numbers.

Leverage your online presence because a good website is the best sales tool.

What Features Do High-Converting FEC Websites Have?

Several factor matter for your website to stand out from the competition, as you are about to discover below:

  1. Elements of a High-Converting Homepage
  2. How important is a gallery?
  3. Mobile Responsiveness
  4. Showcase your Attractions
  5. Easy Online Booking
  6. Blog section
  7. What should I do next?

Elements of a High-Converting Homepage

Keep It Simple

Many people usually have too much going on- icons, links, multiple images, multiple CTA’s at the homepage. It’s just too much stuff and only makes the audience confused.

It should address the 5 Ws: Who, What, When, Where, and Why/How?

Who are your customers? What are you offering them? Where can they find you? How much will it cost them?

When we work with clients, we always end up clearing 80% of what’s on their homepage because most of the stuff there never answers any of the three questions above.

Like having social media icons on the homepage? How does that show the value proposition of your family fun center?

Always remember you have 3-5 seconds at best to grab the audience’s attention, so avoid clutter as much as possible.

Have a great headline

The headline of your website needs to be about the clients.

It needs to be benefit-focused. For most websites, what we see is them describing their business, but what benefit does that have to your customers?

Ensure you have the value proposition spelled out clearly for the headline title.

Don’t Forget the Call to Action!

”Learn more, contact us, get started”- doesn’t work anymore. Your call to action needs to be clear and direct. Call us today or Get a quote- these kinds of CTA’s are much more direct and effective.Use the right call to action buttons, then ensure they are placed strategically on your homepage.

Failing to use Calls to Action correctly results in a website that looks too sales-y and desperate; people don’t like reading Ad copy, they want actual relevant content and nobody cares about that.

Consider Using High-Quality Videos

A recent study by HubSpot showed that a video on the homepage can improve conversion rates by a whopping 80% (source: Hubspot)!

A video helps create trust, authority, and it reassures users that, if they do make a purchase, they’ll have fun.

The video should be about 1-2 minutes showing what they will be getting and how the experience is making their life better.

Other than just your homepage, every page on your Family Entertainment Center or FEC website should include a video. This trick helps the audience spend more time on your site watching and enjoying the videos.

How Important is a Gallery?

It’s good to have a few photos on the homepage, but a separate gallery section can work better.

As a business owner, make sure all photos used on your website are authentic, original, unique and showcase optimal user experiences..

Nothing hurts conversions like having people leave your website thinking it’s all the same because of using images you download online.

Use real pictures that show your customers having fun; stage the photos if necessary. Authentic-seeming high-quality photos builds trust, which increases your conversion rate.

Mobile Responsiveness

Make sure your website looks great on a mobile device. A website may look great on a desktop usually- this is how a designer will show its functionality, but how does it look on a tablet, how does it look on a mobile phone?

Is the experience of the navigation and speed feel the same? Is it a great experience?

A recent study showed that 52% of consumers say that a bad mobile experience is detrimental. That is more than half the people that will go away if the user experience is not great. So, it is super important that your website’s mobile user experience is seamless.

Showcase Your Attractions!

It’s good to list all of the games and fun activities at your family fun center.

The use of images to list them is the best way. Be it bowling, skating, bumpee jumping, coffee shop, pizza garden. Showcasing them is a great way to communicate about the variety of fun stuff to do at the center.

Easy Online booking

The number one way to have more conversions on your website is to have an easy online booking system. Allow clients to schedule themselves.

Have a process whereby clients can pick a game or event or even food from the calendar, then a checkout process that gives a variety of payment options if its visa card, MasterCard, PayPal.

The information should be able to be auto-filled, so it takes less time to make a booking.

The booking system setting should send reminders to clients a day or hours before.

Blog section

Having a blog section for your family fun center website is one of the best ways to tell people more about your services, give more information and even rank higher on google.

Do not think twice about this; go for it and use this section to showcase your hidden gems!

If you do not have a blog section, it’s time to set up one.

What Should I Do Next?

A good family fun center website is lively, updated, fun to navigate, and exciting to scroll through.

You might be having your family fun center website but frustrated over the conversion rates. Take this as a sign that it’s time for an analysis to see what could be lacking.

Investing in a good family fun center website is worth all the costs. You could be having the best services to offer, but clients opt for competitors because they judge your business by the quality of your website.

If you need help with a facelift for your family fun center website, our team at Adi digital has members with years of experience working on websites, giving them facelifts, we would be delighted to help you get the job done.