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Growing your Escape Room business has never been more critical. Yes, you have a website, but what is your conversion rate? Are you making many (or any) sales from the website? Are people booking online as much as they should be? A low-performing Escape Room website not only costs you, clients, due to a low conversion rate, but also has associated ongoing monthly costs.

Your website should be unique enough to intrigue people and interesting enough to keep them engaged as they browse through your room stories and descriptions. If you are not impressing your website visitors, they’re going to leave your website to see what your competitors are doing.

A high-converting website gives you a MASSIVE competitive advantage; not only is it a gateway for your business growth but also because it leverages opportunities that your competition might not be taking advantage of.

When people visit an escape room website, they want to find out about three things:

  1. What kind of rooms you have
  2. Where you’re located and how to get there
  3. Pricing and Booking Information

If your website doesn’t showcase these items convincingly, you’ve got a problem as your letting money literally walk out the door.

Aim to achieve higher conversions by incorporating or improving the following  elements into your Escape Room website:

  1. A homepage that impresses
  2. Escape Rooms
  3. Escape Rooms Calendar
  4. Social Media attached to Escape Room Calendar
  5. Redeemable Gift Vouchers
  6. Upcoming Escape Rooms
  7. Booking Process
  8. Mobile Responsiveness
  9. Navigation
  10. Frequently Asked Questions
  11. Conclusion

A Homepage That Impresses

Your homepage forms the first impression prospective clients will have of your business. As such, it can make or break your sales funnel and send your bounce rate through the roof (this is not a good thing).

Get your homepage right and you’re already halfway there.

Have a clear headline for the services you are offering without assuming people know. It can be a captivating sentence like

“Solve the mystery” or “escape the room”- written in bold or maybe using catchy graphics which then directs the audience to the actual Escape Room’s description.

The use of eye-catching graphics, in particular, people having fun smiling and laughing while in one or more of your Escape Rooms, is incredibly important. You want people to get excited and eager to know more.

Use high-quality images on your homepage. Humans are visual creatures; seeing is believing. You want people to envision themselves in one of your rooms. It’s all about evoking emotions to help them relate to what you are offering for that personal touch.

People will not buy from you if they do not trust you. Not using videos on your escape room homepage is a HUGE missed opportunity. A video is like a preview of the exciting things your prospective clients will get to see when they book a room reservation.

Make sure to highlight exciting visuals, triumphant moments, or atmospheric previews of your rooms; just avoid giving away the answers to important clues if you can help it.

To help with this, you should always film your clients when they’re in your rooms. Maybe even arrange a discount for a particularly expressive team that will give you great footage for these videos.

How functional is your homepage? Are you confident enough it’s inviting and keeps the audience longer on the site? Are you using the right visuals? Do you have the right colors and graphics?

Escape Rooms

It sounds obvious, but does your Escape Room website showcase your Escape rooms? How well presented are your rooms? Do they make someone want to stop everything they are doing and book a session?

Each room is telling a story. Communicate that story to your website visitors using well-written, but concise, prose. Never assume that your visitors will know anything about your rooms or your business. It’s like reading a movie review before purchasing tickets; the audience wants to understand what they’re getting into and if it’s something that will pique their interest. Some people like spooky, complicated games, while others prefer the easy, direct ones.

Do your room descriptions and visuals inspire excitement or curiosity? If not, it looks like you’ve got some work to do.

Escape rooms calendar

If there is an aspect most escape rooms websites are missing, it’s a robust Events calendar. Does your website even have an Events Calendar? An events calendar has weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and/or holiday-related promotional events that are planned out in advance to drum up customer interest.

A booking calendar is simply a reservation system to keep too many people from trying to book a single escape room during the same time slot.

Social media attached to the escape room calendar

Instead of putting your social media handles at the bottom of your homepage, which is actually driving traffic off the website, The central idea is to drive traffic from social media platforms to the website; increasing the number of conversions.

This is usually related to posting something on social media accounts regarding events occurring at the Escape Room location. Or discounts available on a specific day.

Redeemable gift vouchers

An escape room redeemable gift voucher is a great way to boost conversions as well. Who doesn’t love free stuff? It is like rewarding your loyal clients for booking with you by earning points that are redeemable for a free game.

Packaged offers are also good- 2 pax, 8 pax, 15 pax, such that the more the players, the lesser one pays.

This is an excellent way to encourage mass bookings and repeated sales

Upcoming Escape rooms

An escape room business should stay up-to-date with current trends in order to stand out from the competition. Keep adding more interesting experiences of hunting for the clues needed to solve puzzles that will ultimately allow them to escape from the room they’re locked in that is in line with what is trending in the market. Showcasing this on your website shows a business is serious about its innovativeness and cares enough to provide many options to the players.

Players get tired of playing the same games over and over. Keep it regularly updated and let people know there are new games upcoming.

Booking process

How is the booking process on your escape room website? A common mistake we see many websites make is having a complicated booking process that requires filling out a very lengthy form. The more hoops your potential clients have to jump through, the more of them you lose (decreasing your conversion rate).

Make the booking process as short as possible. If your booking solution isn’t fast, simple, and intuitive, you’ve got a problem.

Mobile Responsiveness

It’s worth noting: According to Google’s Search Engine Guidelines, all pages on your website should load completely in 5 seconds or less. Anything more than that and Google will penalize your search engine rankings by placing inferior but faster-loading websites ahead of yours.

You might also mention that more than 50% of all internet traffic takes place on mobile devices. If the website doesn’t work correctly on mobile devices, they’re basically escorting 50% of their customers right back out the door.

if that’s not the case, you have been losing leads. You want people to book as soon as the idea is hot in their heads.


Keep it simple, every step in your sales funnel needs to flow smoothly. Ensure that there are no broken links on your website or Google will penalize you in your Search Engine Rankings. should be functioning well. Everything needs to be straightforward and clear. An audience must never feel confused once on your site or get stressed about how to navigate through.

Frequently asked questions section.

Providing this section helps new visitors or newbies in the game get some insight about what an escape room is, how to play, and all.

Escape Rooms may get repeat business, but clients rarely play the same room twice, you might actually find that the highest traffic is of newbies looking to start, and most of them end up as loyal clients. Even the veterans were newbies once upon a time.

Focus on accommodating everyone, leverage this section to do that, as most competitors are not thinking like this.


The reality is a good escape room website can be one of your highest money-making digital marketing assets. If you obey the principles in this article, worrying about conversion rates for your escape room website is going to be a thing of the past. With all the features explained, we can confidently guarantee 10 leads for every 100 visitors on your website- these are tested, tried-and-true principles. It’s time you take your escape room business where it should be-the next level, allow us to do it for you.

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