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Then embrace Rocket Effect’s marketing automation tool specifically designed to enhance family entertainment businesses.

Industries we work with

Family Entertainment Centers

Party booking and events are a major part of Family Entertainment Centers. We offer unique software solutions to drive effective marketing campaigns, boost sales, attract new customers, and stay in touch with members. We hope you have enough confetti to serve the parties we will bring you.

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Amusement Parks

The purpose of your park is to give guests an extremely fun, exciting, and enjoyable time. To achieve this, you need to attract visitors to your park. Marketing automation brings in more guests and allows you to focus on giving your guests a sensational experience.

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Ready to hit your daily, weekly, monthly, and annual targets with one bowl? Learn more about the game-playing habits of your guests with Rocket Effect. This will help you create a tailored bowling experience that will keep bowlers coming back for more.

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Escape Rooms

Drive tailored marketing campaigns and connect with your escape room customers through various marketing channels; including landing pages, email marketing, SEO, paid search, marketing automation, blogging, digital advertising, and social media.

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Streamline operations from the online booking experience to admission at your center using our platform, and give your go-kart guests an exciting ride that will keep them coming back for more.

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Movie Theaters

Upgrade your marketing with Rocket Effect and become the only movie theater your beloved guests will think about for a thrilling film experience. Online ticketing, event booking, and customer service management; every operation is thoroughly streamlined and automated to offer an unforgettable guest experience.

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Leap to new heights with our software. Embrace marketing automation that allows focusing on giving your guests an amazing all-round park experience.

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Virtual Reality Rooms

Tap into the power of data and analytics. Whether it’s a battle with robots and dragons, a snowball fight with friends, or fight off a horde of oncoming zombies, you will know the games your customers love to play the most when they put on their VR headset.

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Water Parks

More than words, a strong visual presence is an essential marketing strategy for your success. Our custom web development service delivers a strong visual presence to showcase your slides, rides, and a variety of cool attractions at your park.

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Rise above the competition with modern technologies and outstanding customer service. Thanks to Rocket Effect, operations, from online ticketing, arrival check-in process, managing animal encounters, and POS service are streamlined to exceed guest expectations.

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