Rocket Effect Features

With Rocket Effect, you can manage everything from party booking to social media all within our unique marketing automation platform. Below are each of the features Rocket Effect offers.

Party & Event Booking

We know booking parties is a high priority for FECs. With Rocket Effect, we work with popular party booking platforms making it easier for your clients to book parties with you.


Creating a rewards program is easy to do with Rocket Effect. Automatically send birthday credit or coupons, establish loyalty points, and reward VIP members.

Game Play History

Want to know what games your customers love playing most? With Rocket Effect’s game play history, you can see which games are most used. With this information, you’ll be able to build targeted marketing campaigns around specific games.

Unified Guest Profile

Within Rocket Effect, you have access to detailed sales profiles. See who your top customers are on the leader board. Build out targeted marketing campaigns based on your customers’ interests found in each single guest profile.

Email Marketing

With Rocket Effect, you can set up and manage email marketing campaigns for different audiences through your email account. Interested in integrating with our software? Contact us here.

Geographical Targeting & Dynamic Content

If your business has multiple locations, geographical targeting is essential. We’ll set up geo-targeting on your site so that different content will appear for users based on their location. Coming soon!

Custom Landing Pages

Looking to streamline your marketing efforts? We’ll design and develop custom landing pages for your campaign.

Data & Analytics

With Rocket Effect, you will receive your own custom dashboard with the most relevant analytics and data insights for your marketing campaigns.

Discounts & Promotions

Have an upcoming promotion you’re thinking about running? You can control all the details within Rocket Effect. Set up and manage coupons, and discounts all on our easy to use system.

Gift Cards

With Rocket Effect, we make it easy for your customers to buy gift cards, check their balance and add more funds. Have a current gift card system? No problem. See if we integrate with your current system here. Coming soon!

Play Cards

Rocket Effect is proud to partner with Intercard, Sacoa, and more. Set up, manage, and integrate play cards into your marketing campaigns. Create unique marketing campaigns based on the activity and data from the customer’s play cards.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is essential to success, but can be a large undertaking. Rocket Effect makes it easy to manage each of your social media platforms, engage with your audience, and focus on expanding your brand awareness.

Mobile Phone Text Message (SMS) Marketing

Reach your customers directly with Mobile Phone Text Message (SMS) marketing. Set up unique SMS campaigns and view the performance data on your custom dashboard.

Dynamic Content

Need different content based on your audience? We’ll set up dynamic content allowing us to personalize what your customer sees on your website.

PopUp System

Convert a visitors into customers and subscribers with the powerful popup software. Present timely offers your customers won’t miss.

Rocket Effect is proud to integrate with the following software partners.

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Rocket Effect Concierge Service & KickStarter

Need help getting started with marketing? No problem! With our concierge service, we will create digital marketing strategies and campaigns unique to your business. We will also provide marketing tips and advice to help improve your efforts. Just want to get started using Rocket Effect? We’ll help you get your account up and running with our KickStarter program.

Business Benefits

Automate Your Marketing Campaigns

On our platform, you will be able to create and manage automated marketing campaigns, build landing pages, and set up discounts and promotions.

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Book More Parties & Increase Your Sales

Rocket Effect integrates with card providers and other POS and Entertainment industry software providers so that you can focus on booking more parties and increasing your sales. With new eCommerce integrations, card registration, card balance checking, and online card sales feature, you'll watch your sales go further than ever before.

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Clear Marketing Data at Your Fingertips

No more waiting for marketing reports. With Rocket Effect you have access to your own custom dashboard with detailed analytics, whenever you need.

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