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Everybody cares about the security of their privacy. All information about your website’s users is private to them. And when they feel that someone else could access and manipulate it without their consent, the more they want to protect it.

Protecting every bit of information about your client is your family entertainment center’s priority.

Website security is about protecting information on your clients, staff, and every other stakeholder in your business. Without the proper security measures like passing information over secure HTTP (i.e., HTTPS), customers can’t trust you enough to do business with you.

Yet trust is what glues customers to a brand.

Websites, like every other technology, develop vulnerabilities, which anyone with interest could take advantage of. Vulnerabilities in a website are areas of weakness, like a connection between a browser and the server. Some might say a vulnerability is a bug, and they are also right.

The link between your client’s browser and your server demands world-class security. It is so important that search engines like Google enforce security guidelines (e.g., Safe browsing) on webmasters.

Your clients are Google’s clients. And protecting these client’s information is everyone’s responsibility.

Why You Need To Secure Your Website

Webmasters must stay on top of the game, taking preventive measures against any intrusion into any business information. Securing your website protects your business and clients’ information from unwanted hands. Security drives trust, which fuels customer loyalty.

Maintain The Integrity Of Customer Information

Your client’s information is priceless. When you receive ticket payments on your website, you obviously need a cybersecurity system to protect your clients’ bank account information. What’s not so obvious is the need to protect your clients’ other personal information like their name, email address, or driver’s license number.

The New York Department Of Financial Services (DFS) issued an industry letter on Cyber Fraud Alert in February 2021 to information officers and CEOs of all regulated entities. In the letter, the New York DFS warned the regulated entities to stay vigilant on information theft from public-facing websites.

This was after the DFS learned about a series of hacks targeting information displayed or passed through auto insurance quotes websites.

The website owners noticed short-lived spikes in uncompleted Auto Insurance Quotes. On investigating the issue, the owners discovered that the attackers were collecting driver’s license numbers generated by the website.

According to the DFS, attackers crafted the fraud to take advantage of unemployment and pandemic benefits.

Protect Business Information

Your business information too, is priceless.

Anyone with interest and capacity (like competitors and cybercriminals) could be actively looking for your family entertainment center’s security vulnerability (e.g., transmitting data over unsecured HTTP).

Your FEC website is a link to your information system and a vulnerability.

It could be a competitor looking for business secrets. Or it could be a cybercriminal hoping for ransom in exchange for getting your system back. Malicious attackers take over company systems, encrypt files and even delete files.

Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks have been on the rise, hitting all industries, including government institutions. And attackers don’t play it lightly. They take their time to infiltrate the system, gain remarkable control and admin access before seizing the system.

Sophos commissioned research into the effect of ransomware on various industries, including the entertainment industry. The research found that cybercriminals are not only interested in large companies. 47% of the companies hit were small businesses with between 100 to 1000 employees. The research also found that attackers are most interested in data storage areas, particularly the public cloud.

Though statistics hypothesize that every information system has an average of 22 vulnerabilities, an attacker only needs one flaw to hack your family entertainment center.

Data Breach Litigations

Statistics show that 68% of all websites are vulnerable to sensitive data breaches (unauthorized access to restricted information). The number of data breach litigations in 2020 was more than twice the number recorded in 2019.

Plaintiffs firms cited consumer privacy laws (like the California Consumer Privacy Act) and common tort laws ( like negligence) to win data breach litigations.

It is every business’s responsibility to protect its customers under the Consumer Protection Act and other laws. This means compliance with all approved security protocols, including the PCI DSS for payment information, and even more.

Family entertainment centers that hold sensitive data (i.e., personally identifiable information) have to take the necessary steps to protect their customers’ information.

How To Find Vulnerabilities In Your Website

It might not be possible to eliminate all possible vulnerabilities, but your clients trust you to mitigate security risks, enforce proactive strategies and eliminate vulnerabilities.

Compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is important, but not enough to keep your website safe from attacks. You cannot use compliance to PCI DSS as a standard for determining website security.

Run your family entertainment center through a website security audit tool to uncover vulnerabilities in your website application.

Uncover Website Vulnerabilities With Rocket Effect Security Checker

Our website security checker will analyze the vulnerabilities in your website and report to you the details of each vulnerability. A detailed security report will show you exactly what you need to do to fix the vulnerability in your family entertainment center. Test your website security today.

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