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Any serious business needs a website regardless of the industry or market. Your business website is the first point of contact your clients have with your brand and is the central hub for your digital marketing activities, therefore, you need to ensure your business has one and a high-converting one for that fact, hence, the question here really is, ‘What makes a good Go-Kart track website?’

The Go-kart track business is becoming a highly competitive niche. Research shows that 80% of similar FEC businesses have a strong and authoritative online presence; it only makes sense to ensure your Go-Kart track business is also well represented.

The purpose of a Go-Kart Track website is for awareness and convenience purposes also, to make it easy for people to book races online.

A good website is more than just nice photos, contact details, and a call-to-action button. Here are 10 must-have features your go kart track website should have:

  1. Mobile responsiveness
  2. Payment and checkout process
  3. Use of image and videos
  4. Informative/educational content
  5. Easy readability
  6. Simplicity in Design and Formatting
  7. Call to Action Button
  8. Clearly Listed Prices
  9. Mailing List(s)
  10. Reviews and Testimonials

1. Mobile responsiveness

Convenience trumps fidelity; ideally, everyone wants to use the best tool for the job. In reality, however, people will use the tool they have on hand instead. To relate this to your website, are you aware that more than 50% of online traffic takes place on mobile devices? Research shows that the average American uses their mobile phone an average of 47 times a day! What's more? This trend is expected to rise in coming years. This means that if your website is not optimized for a mobile-first user experience, you're hemorrhaging more than 50% of your potential customers because your website doesn't look right, or doesn't function correctly, on mobile devices. Mobile phones are easy and convenient to use when navigating through websites and instant communication. Optimize your Go-Kart website for the best mobile access experience.

2. Payment and Check Out Process

The biggest conversion killer for your Go-Kart Track website is potentially your booking and payment process, remember keyword here is ‘convenience’, you need to make all your services available to your client within the click of a button. Ensuring that it is possible to book the races online, easy and very straightforward processes and instant feedback are just among some of the main tips which will make your website standout in this industry. No one likes going through complicated processes. In our experience, we've found that for every step in a process, you lose between 5 and 20% of your potential customers. This is a case where the "Less is More" concept has never been truer. Keep your booking process as friction-less as possible and as simple as possible. Keep in mind, simplicity is the best form of sophistication.

3. Good Use Images and Videos

A Go-Kart website is more functional when it has more images than text content. The primary focus of the site is to create revenue, the use of images is good for showing your customers the experience they're about to purchase is better than talking about that experience. Put photos of the different types of Go-Karts and Tracks available. Enhance them with videos that show what exactly clients will be getting. As you can guess, the majority of the audience visiting are more excited to scan the images before going through the reference context. Videos are even better, they keep people on your website longer, translating to higher engagement and an increased likelihood of conversion. They visualize the experience of your products and services. Images and videos are great SEO opportunities as well. You can optimize the titles and the tags. You can optimize the metadata titles, descriptions, and tags which, in turn, increase your website's readability. Increased readability leads to improved search engine rankings.

4. Informative/Educational Content

Content has to be there, however little there might be. Providing informative, relevant content helps clients understand better and make informed decisions. The audience wants to understand overall topics and contexts rather than just keywords on your Go-Kart page. They want to understand in-depth their preferred main features among other products available. Cut a niche over your competitors.

5. Easy Readability

A huge mistake in many Go-Kart racing websites is that writing to impress rather than to engage and to inform. There's a Reddit phrase that you should remember: Explain it like doing so to a 4-year-old. Avoid using collegiate-level language, make someone want to come Go karting at your premises tomorrow. Keep it conversational. It's going to be much more engaging for your potential customers on the other side of the screen to understand your products and entice them to make a choice. Google gives a readability score, so the simpler and easier your website will be to understand. Ensure that there is enough spacing between paragraphs because people do not like to read long blocks of text. This will increase your conversion rates and ensure people spend more time on your website consuming your content.

6. Simplicity in design and formatting

70% of people who visit your website are only going to scan it. A good design is not about having a trendy look but about how EASY it is to navigate. The first impression your website makes will either keep the audience engaged or end their interest. Everything should be laid out in a way that makes it simple to go through the main features, prices, and booking. This makes people stick around longer, consume your content and convert online traffic into revenue! Design matters. Avoid going for over-complicated designs that make it hard for clients to navigate your website. Keep it simple, engaging and make sure it positively reflects your brand. Less is always more. Ensure that any images or videos are professionally produced and are of very high quality. Have bullets or numbered lists to break things down especially if you are giving detailed product information. This will attract audiences and increase engagement. Google is also able to see your formatting and rewards websites that have simple, user-friendly designs.

7. Call to Action Button

A Go kart website should allow people to be able to book sessions online, make a call, or send an email to contact the administration. The ability to easily locate these features and perform the associated action is the call to action. Ensure that your call to action is strategically placed on your pages. It should be hard to miss but not an eyesore. A call to action button is a good conversion starter pack. Everything on your website should be channeling your potential clients towards your end goal. This is achievable using persuasive headlines or bold text, supportive descriptions and images, and especially a call to action button or text link, for immediate feedback.

8. Clearly Listed Prices

A good Go-Kart Track website needs to have clearly outlined prices next to the services offered. This is very helpful as it informs clients to reflect on their budget needs and once done translate it to revenue for your business When people visit your website, they are researching products and services they expect to find. Do not just post photos and then leave your clients to have to visit your competitor's site to confirm prices; this is exactly how you lose potential clients and increase your bounce rate. Your website should contain all the information needed to maintain potential clients’ traffic and make them feel like they're making informed decisions.

9. Mailing List(s)

Make sure you implement a mailing list so you can leverage it via email marketing campaigns. Some clients who visit your site are not ready to immediately come and purchase your services at that moment, but if you keep reminding them about your company through regular emails, it's only a matter of time before you win yourself potential clients. They will remember you much more than competitors when it's actually time to Go Karting.

10. Reviews and Testimonials

Testimonials and honest reviews are a great way of winning your client's trust. People want to know that other people have used your services or products and had a satisfying experience. Not making use of reviews and testimonials is a missed opportunity because people are likely to shy away by mistrust. You can either use videos or written testimonials. If you use written testimonials, make sure you have a photo of the person giving the review, this will make it appear more authentic and legitimate. With all that said and done, happy Go Karting!

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