Amusement Parks

One Platform, Endless Possibilities

Being able to manage your sales, revenue, rewards, and everything about your amusement park from one automated and intuitive platform has a lot of benefits. You can easily measure the performance of your marketing efforts and identify your most valuable channel. A bird’s eye view of your entire amusement park from one platform is every manager’s dream. Having powerful and reliable amusement software like Rocket Effect backs your mission to become the leading center of attraction in your community. From the management of day-to-day activities to creating killer marketing campaigns, the possibilities are endless.

Pro-Level Management

Being in a contact business in the social distancing era can be challenging. How do you make fun and safety a priority at the same time? Rocket Effect is a software tool specifically designed to enhance amusement park marketing and management. Our software helps you obey all the safety rules without killing the fun. Apart from creating top-notch marketing campaigns, we also empower amusement parks with software to succeed in a social distancing era. From managing complex schedules with timed tickets to making capacity and crowd management easy for amusement parks. Through hand-picked API integrations and partnerships, we empower amusement parks to stay organized and successful with our cloud-based management software. Our platform is designed to integrate easily with other APIs – whether it’s a card provider, industry vendors, or POS software providers – empowering amusement parks with modern technologies for efficient park management and improved customer experience. Have custom needs? We are happy to hear from you!

Booking Software

Birthdays, corporate events, and get-togethers are a big part of your business. Most times, your attraction ticketing platform may be the first impression customers will get about your park. Make it a good one by offering your visitors a seamless booking and ticketing experience. Our software integrates with reliable payment gateways, offers multiple payment options, and a friendly user experience on multiple devices. We also make it possible for you to integrate digital waiver signing on your attraction booking software. You can also make custom offers using credits, coupons, discounts, and rewards during the booking experience. From the online booking experience to the grand party your guests have been waiting for, we specialize in removing bottlenecks to make the process a seamless one.


A successful amusement park marketing plan must involve promotional campaigns with clearly set goals and targets. Whatever is your campaign goal – whether it’s to attract more guests, expand brand awareness, boost membership subscription, or get more customer information – you can easily build and promote custom offers and gifts through various marketing channels, including email, SMS, website, ads and so on using Rocket Effect. You can set up promotional campaigns and monitor the performance, analytics, and anything else about your amusement park from a personalized dashboard. Our platform enables you to drive sales and boost conversion by creating a sense of urgency with TIME-SENSITIVE promotional campaigns. Even if you don’t want to keep up with third-party apps for email marketing, we’ve got you covered! Email sending can be directly integrated into our software.

Custom Web Development

Digital times call for digital measures. More than words, a digital presence will tell your guests more about your park. You don’t just need any website, you need a fully responsive amusement park website design that mirrors the fun and excitement at your park. Whether it’s a new website or a redesign of your current one, you can choose from any of our amusement park website templates. Features of our amusement park websites include:

  • Displays a modern-user-friendly interface
  • Great user experience on multiple devices
  • Secure
  • Responsive
  • Built with clean code
  • Integration of reliable payment gateways

We also have intuitive features such as geographical targeting and pop-up initiatives to improve guest usability on your website.

An Actionable Plan Turns Any Dream Into Reality

Whatever your amusement park marketing plan is, ensure it involves automation and operation from the cloud. Moving to the cloud ensures that your amusement park business is faster, flexible, more secure, cost-effective, and easily scalable. Race to a new level with Rocket Effect while your competitors are yet to get their shoes on.