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Website performance is often loosely interchanged with website speed. That’s because page speed plays the biggest role in your overall website performance. The Rocket Effect website performance scanner scores your website performance and shows you how to improve your website.

Your gaming arcade website might seem very fast when using a high-speed internet connection and an even faster computer or mobile phone. But how do you know that your website is fast when accessed with a slow internet connection and a slow device?

One way is to find a slow device and access your website with a low bandwidth internet connection. You will obviously spend more time and resources testing your website speed through several slow devices.

Alternatively, you could run a website performance analysis in seconds using the Rocket Effect website performance audit tool.

The key is to analyze your website performance and discover opportunities to improve your page speed and overall performance.

Website Performance Factors

Google recognizes three factors that influence your arcade game website performance and, ultimately, Google Search’s ranking. These factors include:

  • Metrics
  • Opportunities
  • Diagnostics

Your website performance score on Google is based on metrics only.

The opportunities and diagnostics are merely the means to improve your metrics.

In this way, metrics, opportunities, and diagnostics are correlated.

Opportunities and Diagnostics

If your website scores very low in a website performance test, it could be because of delays like when a server has to go through multiple redirects before reaching your web page, or maybe your site lacks an efficient caching policy.

These “why’s” are opportunities and diagnostics.

Opportunities are the issues in your website that, if improved, will raise your performance metric value. For example, you can compress your website’s files and images to reduce the time taken to load the pages.

The diagnostics are the issues in your website that are slowing down your website. For example, if your site’s Javascript is slow to execute, you can speed up the execution time by removing unnecessary code and compressing the code.

When you improve opportunities and diagnostics, you improve your website’s metric value.

Website Performance Metrics

Performance metrics determine your website performance score.

When your page takes four seconds to paint the first red object, Google’s algorithm flags your website, which lowers your ranking score on the search engine results page (SERP). This is an example of a performance metric.

You can reduce the time your arcade games website takes to paint the first image by reducing your webpage redirects. This is an example of implementing an opportunity to improve your website’s metric value.

Website performance metrics are not scored based on some impossible perfection. Google tests your website against the best-performing websites. For example, if your arcade games website takes 1.5 seconds to paint the first image, you get a score of 99%. That’s because excellent websites take 1.5 seconds to paint the first image. The good news here is that all you have to do is follow website performance best practices to improve your website performance score and rank high on the search engine results page (SERP).

Our website assessment scanner uses the same metrics that Google uses to score website performance. When you analyze your arcade games website with our performance testing tool, you see the metric values that Google gives your website. You also discover opportunities and diagnostics that you can implement to improve your website’s performance score.

Why Your Website Performance Matters

Increase Time On Page/Reduce Bounce Rate

Even with relevant and search engine optimized content, a site visitor might not get to see what you have to offer if your page takes more than 3 seconds to load. Slow loading speed is the biggest contributor to high bounce rates (when a user leaves your website without clicking any link on your page).

According to KISS Metrics, 40% of your arcade game website visitors will leave your site if it does not load in three seconds. A high bounce rate also reduces your ranking on the search engine results page (SERP) as it is translated as a poor user experience.

Improve User Experience

The reason behind most search engine algorithm updates is to improve user experience. Similarly, the reason behind the business’s success is happy customers. When a visitor can navigate through the pages in your website seamlessly and without unnecessary delays, you have more time to promote your arcade games to your lead (potential customer).

According to Google/Purchased Data, 76% of users who visit your website looking for ‘arcade games nearby’ will visit your physical shop in a day.

Increase Conversions

Massive website traffic that doesn’t help you achieve your business goals is just vanity traffic. Once your visitors are on your website, your website’s performance and relevance to their needs determine whether you get a conversion.

Assuming that your page addresses your visitor’s needs, a fast-loading website that quickly answers your visitor’s questions leaves little time for doubts. The faster you can deliver your message, the faster you close a deal.

A high-performance arcade games website is an asset. Conversely, a low-performing website is a liability. Additionally, a good website performance directly implies a great user experience.

Optimizing Your Website Performance

It is very easy to optimize your website’s performance. Follow these simple steps to optimize your website performance.

Run A Website Performance Analysis

Before you start any performance optimization on your website, you need to test your website’s current performance. Use Rocket Effect’s website performance scanner.

Diagnose Your Website

You also need to determine the issues behind your website’s performance. Rocket Effect’s performance analysis will show you the diagnostics and opportunities, i.e., the reasons behind your website’s performance. Then set your website performance goals (e.g., reduce page loading speed to less than 3 seconds).

Improve On The Opportunities And Diagnostics

Work with your development team, or outsource developers to improve the diagnostics and take advantage of opportunities to reach your website performance goals.

Test And Monitor Your Website Performance Using Rocket Effect Website Performance Scanner

If you can’t put a finger on what’s slowing down your website, your best bet is our website performance audit tool. The Rocket Effect Scanner shows your overall performance score and pinpoints the specific metrics that contribute to your low website performance score. Get started today to optimize your website performance.


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