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Mobile-friendly design means designing your website for mobile phone users. It is the only way to reach mobile users.

People use their mobile phones to look for information, find businesses, research a product and discover entertainment options for their families. A GfK MRI study found that 22% of users usually look for entertainment options just as much as they text on their smartphone. When a user is actively looking for a go-kart track on their smartphone, the best thing your business can do is be available.

According to Google Analytics Data, mobile phones account for 50% of all web traffic. It is up to website owners to adapt.

If you have no idea whether your go-kart track is mobile-friendly, test it using the Rocket Effect mobile-friendly audit tool.

Why Your Go-Kart Track Needs To Be Mobile-Friendly

All your website visitors expect to access your go-kart track with any device and use even the slowest internet connection. What’s more, they expect you to keep up with any trends they notice on other websites. A website that satisfies the user’s expectations and helps the user achieve their goal (e.g., buying a ticket) is the ideal website.

Google/Ipsos survey found that 70% of mobile phone users prefer and will use the ‘click to call’ function. Click-to-call enables potential buyers to call your business through a click on your website. Such fluidity is great for pushing leads down the sales funnel to convert. And it is only one of the many reasons to design your go-kart track for mobile phone users.

There are two broad and important reasons to make your website mobile-friendly:

  • Provide mobile phone users with a great user experience.
  • Rank high in mobile search results.

Positive User Experience For Mobile Users

With our clients from the entertainment industry, we noticed the number of mobile phone users looking for entertainment options online is over 70% of the total entertainment industry traffic.

If your go-kart tracks are world-class, your website needs to show that too. Happy customers directly translate to more engagement, more sales, more referrals, and improved brand reputation.

A mobile-friendly design ensures a great user experience in the following ways:

Ensures Quality Consistency

Mobile-friendly design ensures that your website looks the same way and maintains its functionality when accessed with different screens. Mobile consumers are not concerned whether or not your website is mobile-friendly. But when they visit your website with their mobile phones and discover haphazard arrangements, their loyalty is put to the test.

Consistent quality ensures that your customers receive the same experience whether they access your website with smartphones, tablets or laptops, and when they visit your go-kart tracks for a ride. That way, they trust you and give you their loyalty.

Maintain Site Navigation

When a website is not designed for mobile devices, it is common to find problems like navigation buttons that don’t work, or elements that overlap each other, text that is too small to read, images that are larger than the mobile phone screen, or videos that can’t play on mobile phone browsers. All these problems prevent the user from accomplishing anything on your website. This means your go-kart track misses out on the mobile phone customers’ revenues.

Rank High In Mobile Search Results

With the surge in mobile phone traffic, and Google’s quest to provide the best user experience, mobile-friendliness is now a ranking algorithm factor. If two pages have the same relevant content (e.g., two go-kart track websites), Google ranks the page with the best user experience higher. Page experience is how users see and interact with your content. It includes signals like mobile-friendliness, safe browsing (i.e., HTTPS), and more regularly updated signals.

This means one thing for website owners: design your website and its content for the best user experience. All ranking algorithms favor the best user experience in all aspects.

Making your Go-Kart Track Mobile-Friendly

Mobile-friendly website design means the same thing as responsive website design. A responsive website adjusts accordingly when accessed with different screen sizes.

Making your go-kart track responsive does not mean creating a new website. Making your go-kart track mobile-friendly involves making changes to your CSS. A responsive website serves the same HTML code to all devices but uses CSS rules to adjust how it is displayed on different screens.

But, you could choose to have different pages for different browsers. So when a user accesses your web pages with a smartphone, your server will redirect them to the correct webpage. Clearly, the problem with this is the extra redirects that consume your network resources.

If you use a mobile-friendly template instead of coding your website from scratch, first test the template with our mobile-friendly test to make sure it is responsive.

Mobile-friendly design also means reducing the amount of time needed to load your web pages on mobile phones. Mobile phones have slower processors compared to desktops and laptops. Site speed is of the essence because, according to New York Times, people will abandon your go-kart track if it is 250 milliseconds slower than your competitor’s. They don’t need to know how fast your competitor’s website loads. If your website takes more than 3 seconds to show your entertainment options, your visitor will leave, never to return or learn about your amazing deals.

Before making any changes to your go-kart track, make sure to back up all your files. Alternatively, you could download your files and edit the website offline. After you are done updating it, test that it is mobile-friendly, then upload the improved files to your server.

As soon as you make your go-kart track mobile-friendly, let Google know by allowing Google to crawl your CSS, images, and JavaScript files.

Use A Mobile-Friendly Test Tool To Identify Common Mobile User Errors

When designing your go-kart track for mobile phone users, you need to consider the text, images, videos, navigation, pop-ups, redirects, and more. To ensure that the website looks decent and functions equally on all devices, run it through our mobile-friendly test. It will identify any errors and give you a detailed report on how to fix your errors.


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