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Mobile-friendly website design ensures that your family entertainment centre looks good and functions on mobile devices.

 A 2019 Pew research found that 81% of American adults own a smartphone, and roughly 50% own a tablet. With smartphones and tablets being essentially minicomputers on the go, most of their owners use them for internet access.

According to Statista, more than 50% of the total website traffic come from mobile devices since 2017. But from our experience with customers in the Family Entertainment Center industry, the number of mobile devices is beyond 70% of the total traffic. There is nothing more annoying than a messy web page when you’re trying to find your family’s entertainment options.

What Is Mobile Friendliness?

Website designers and developers create websites using desktops and laptops. By default, websites will almost always look great on desktop and laptop screens. But for the website to maintain the design, navigation, and functionality, designers have to define how the website should appear in different screen sizes (called viewports). This is making a website mobile-friendly.

A mobile-friendly website means that no matter the screen size that accesses your family entertainment centre, the website looks and feels the same; all buttons work, and everything is visible on the screen without scrolling horizontally.

The mobile-friendly design adjusts everything from font size, image and video sizes, navigation and display in different screen sizes.

Why Make Your Family Entertainment Centre Mobile Friendly

With over 70% of Family Entertainment Center industry traffic coming from mobile devices, there is a dire need to optimize web pages for mobile devices.

Meet User Expectations

Your audience does not care about whether or not mobile-friendliness is a thing. But when they need to access your centre with their smartphone, they expect your website to look and feel the same way as when they use a laptop.

When your website’s design is not responsive to different screens, you lock out traffic from mobile devices and potential revenue.

Improve User Experience

A website with elements lying on top of each other, navigation buttons that don’t work, or images that do not fit on the screen is unresponsive.

An unresponsive website prevents your site visitor from accomplishing their goal, e.g., buying a ticket, and it discourages them from exploring your website any further. Knowing that your first impression is the last impression your lead has, they might never come back to see if you’ve improved your website.

A mobile-friendly website provides the best user experience. Your lead can explore your entertainment options and make a purchase effortlessly. They will even come back for more and share your website with their friends. That’s a great return on investment for the resources used to make your family entertainment centre mobile-friendly.

Mobile-friendly content like share buttons, email buttons and phone call buttons allow users to easily share your content and contact you with one click on their mobile devices. That is something you want to take full advantage of.

Lower Bounce Rate

When a visitor lands on a disorganized web page, they will leave faster than they landed. Google is always keeping an eye on such user negative behaviour.

The bounce rate is a Google metric that measures how many visitors abandon your page without exploring your website (i.e., click on a link on your page). A high bounce rate means most of your visitors leave without taking any action on your page.

If achieving your business goals (e.g., selling a ticket) requires your visitors to explore other pages, then a high bounce rate hurts your business.

Amplify Brand Authority

A messy website harms the brand’s reputation.

Consistency in quality is key to your business’ success. When your site’s design is clean and consistent on all devices, it boosts your brand’s credibility and reputation.

Your brand looks more authentic when you create a simple, easy-to-use website that helps customers achieve their goals effortlessly. The customers will come back and refer friends to your website, which means more sales.

Outrank Competitors In Mobile Search Results

In April 2015, Google rolled out the mobile-friendly update algorithm. The algorithm detects if a website is consistent on all devices; and ranks the mobile-friendly websites higher in mobile search results.

Mobile search results are search results on mobile devices. Outranking your competitors in mobile search results means more brand visibility, more leads, and ultimately, more sales.

Save Resources

Instead of having different web pages for different devices, it is better to have one web page optimized for all screens. This reduces redirects (user agent-based) and resources used to serve different pages to different users.

Getting Started With Mobile Friendliness

There is no degree of how mobile-friendly your site is. Your family entertainment centre is either mobile-friendly or isn’t. If you want to know whether your family entertainment is mobile-friendly, analyze it using a mobile-friendliness assessment tool.

Run A Mobile Friendliness Audit With Rocket Effect Mobile Friendliness Audit Tool

You might think that your website is mobile-friendly, but does Google see your website as mobile-friendly? Run a mobile-friendliness analysis with the Rocket Effect Mobile Friendliness audit tool. You will see exactly how Google sees your website, but it doesn’t end there. You will also receive a comprehensive report showing you what to improve to make your family entertainment centre mobile-friendly.

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