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Are you looking for effective ways to increase the conversion rate on your house rock-climbing website?

If you are the foundation of your Climbing Wall website might be solid, but you might be able to take it a notch higher. To ensure that your website is the most popular among house climbers and attracts the most climbers, irrespective of their skill level.

It is a good form of exercise with minimal risk, and with more people choosing to adopt a healthier lifestyle, the demand for house rock climbing is increasing daily. Accompanying this rise in demand is an increase in competition. What makes a good climbing wall website?

The key differentiator from competing businesses is your conversion rate..

Your website needs to serve its users by providing the information and services they require with a great user experience.

With that in mind, here are the most important things you can do for your website that your competition isn’t doing.:

  1. A thrilling homepage
  2. An updated Climbing Wall activities list
  3. Gallery Section
  4. Properly structured sales channel
  5. Testimonials and feedback mechanisms
  6. Clear, Calls to Action
  7. Search Engine Optimization and Social Media
  8. Frictionless online booking
  9. Designed for Mobile Responsiveness

A Thrilling Homepage

Your homepage represents your very first impression and must, therefore,be: exciting, visually gorgeous, up-to-date, information-rich, interactive, and, above all, functional.

It should address the 5 Ws: Who, What, When, Where, and Why/How?

Who are your customers? What are you offering them? Where can they find you? How much will it cost them?

You have something that’s worth emphasizing; a thing that needs to be emphasized, have photos so potential customers can imagine themselves scaling a rock face, excitement of hanging off a rock face or finding the best route to the top of the wall and a video possibly that showcases that experience.

Make sure the photos are recent, top quality, and only use one picture and video on your homepage. You can put the rest into the gallery section. The point here is to avoid cluttering your homepage.

The home page should provide an overview and links to these things. Structuring a page this way optimizes your page loading speed which, in turn, can affect your Search Engine Ranking (pages that load faster get higher rankings, assuming that other SEO best practices are being followed).

An Updated Climbing Wall Activities List

Describe these activities and explain why they are A) Fun, and B) have great health benefits!

Showcase the activities using images and short video and/or text descriptions that describe each climbing wall or climbing wall route, including what specifically makes them fun or a challenge to climb..

Have an up-to-date schedule by updating the list of activities on your site regularly, to entice visitors to keep checking to see what is new and if there are any special offers.

Gallery Section

Photos and videos are the best way to show off your services/products or put a face to your brand. That alone gives you an upper hand with other businesses in your industry.

Have a page specifically for visuals, and you will testify to the rise in conversions as humans are visuals!

Properly Structured Sales Channel

When users visit your website, are there enough hints and guides to help them move to the next section of your website?

The point of improving the navigation/user interface is to decrease friction (bounce rates) and increase conversion rates (people who progressed through the sales funnel and purchased).

Testimonials and feedback mechanisms

Testimonials and Feedback are ways to increase trust. When customers trust that they’ll receive what is advertised, or more than what is advertised, they’re more likely to progress though the sales funnel.

Adding testimonials to your house rock climbing website is one of the most powerful things you can do to promote sales.

For some business industries, particularly yours, testimonials are far more effective than most advertising campaigns. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t advertise, because you definitely should, but that you should make an effort to collect testimonials and reviews and then present the best of them to your potential customers. Unfortunately, most of the rock climbing or family entertainment centers with climbing wall facilities we’ve worked with in the past don’t take advantage of this easily monetized opportunity.

If your visitors see REAL people talking about how great your business is, they’re more likely to trust you.That trust translates into higher conversion rates. Testimonials can be tricky, however,  you’ll need a proven system that works.

If you are serious about increasing conversions, then set up a system that collects customer feedback and regularly updates your website.

Clear, Calls To Action

Do your website visitors know what to do once they’ve looked at your pictures, watched your videos, read your descriptions, and been assured by your testimonials? Never assume that your website visitors know what they need to do, always tell them what action they should perform next. Failing to include a Call to Action is the single biggest mistake we see rock climbing center and family entertainment center websites make… and it’s soo easy to do! Just include a bold text link or, better yet, a button that takes your potential customers to the next step of your sales funnel.

Your rock climbing website should have clear and enticing calls to action strategically placed in the website to entice visitors to book a session or share the website.

The simple presence or absence of a Call to Action separates effective high-converting websites from ineffective websites that no one wants to visit/use. you from other websites that are offering what you are offering.

Search Engine Optimization and Social Media

Social media platforms always have a HUGE amount of traffic at any given time. The key to properly using your Social Media accounts is to drive traffic from the Social Media platform to your website, where you can convert it and make money.

Optimizing your website to be compatible with the social media website can work wonders on your website traffic.

More people will be able to see your website link and click on it.

Optimizing your website for search engines can also improve your traffic. Your website will appear in search engine results when people try searching for house rock climbing.

Frictionless online booking

Another feature that can set your website apart is the ability for your clients to make online reservations, pay membership fees, and/or pre-arrange equipment rentals.

What makes online booking preferable to physical booking at the shop? Convenience trumps fidelity. It’s the same reason 99% of photos taken are with cell phone cameras instead of high-tech handheld cameras which can produce MUCH better results.

Your users are on your website now. Don’t ask them to do something somewhere else if they can accomplish that action the moment they think of it. The more time they have to think, the less likely they are to convert.

Designed for Mobile Responsiveness

Last but not least, your house climbing wall website should be able to display all the content when assessed from a mobile phone for an inept mobile experience.

With more and more people acquiring phones, it would only make sense to optimize your website for mobile use. Research shows that 50% of online searches are conducted on mobile phones.

Again, convenience trumps fidelity. While visiting your facility to schedule a climbing session and possibly rent a harness, rope, safety helmet, and climbing shoes; you’ve just erected a huge barrier-to-entry between your business and the potential customer is is ALREADY ON YOUR WEBSITE!

You’ve done the hard work already. The customer is on your website and ready to buy. Don’t send them elsewhere, give them the ability to buy RIGHT NOW. You do this by making sure that ALL users can quickly and easily access your website and progress through your sales funnel without any interruption.

Wrapping it up!

There’s a lot of competition out there, and getting noticed can be tough. These easy-to-use website strategies will help you stand out from the crowd and actively increase your sales, traffic, and conversion rate.

With the benefits of having a website for your business hugely outweighing the cost, it is easy to see why you need a one search away access to your business online.

If you are looking to improve your conversion rates and generate more business, call us today! We’d love to talk with you and provide you with personalized recommendations on how you can improve your bottom line. Contact us now!

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