RPM Raceway


RPM Raceway is America’s ultimate all-electric indoor go-kart and entertainment destination providing an authentic, exhilarating and safe racing experience, second only to climbing into an actual race car. RPM Raceway is the venue of choice for personal celebrations, corporate events, team building events, and fundraisers.

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The Problem

RPM’s website did not match their ambition. Its functionality was limited and had few places for customers to experience the track, and importantly, had nowhere to lead customers to make a purchase or a book a party. Without these features, RPM was not capitalizing on its strong web traffic leads. With five locations but only one website, the user experience was not optimized to create or close leads.

The Result

For RPM, they had an entirely new and visually stunning website. The website is now fully customizable, with the option for customers to choose their track location, book times, host events, check results, buy merchandise, and see food and drink options. The website was far more vibrant and more effective with a higher chance of converting potential customers.

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