Supercharged Entertainment

Supercharging Sales: How Supercharged Entertainment Leveled Up Their Booking System To Increase Revenue and Customer Satisfaction

Supercharged Entertainment, a Wrentham, Massachusetts-based entertainment complex, came to us looking for a way to improve their online booking system and offer more features to their customers.

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The Problem

Supercharged Entertainment had a confusing, antiquated online booking system that didn’t allow for cross-selling, cross-promotions, and was just plain difficult for customers to use. This made it difficult for them to improve the booking experience for their customers or encourage pre-booking online, causing longer lines and using up more time from their team members who had to book a larger percentage of customers that would have otherwise pre-booked online.

As an additional problem they also had to use multiple software systems for their different attractions, which made it difficult to track customer data and market to their customers effectively, let alone sell multiple products online. They needed a solution that would be more user-friendly and also allow them to collect additional data, offer promotions, and sell different attraction products in a single user-friendly experience. The company is now expanding and establishing new locations, which will make use of the booking system we developed for the initial location, making it simpler to train new employees while also lowering overall running costs.

The Solution

We built a custom booking system that allows for upsells, cross-promotions, cross product sales, customer data collection, and gift card sales. The system also merges customer data from multiple software systems, making it easy to track and market to customers effectively.

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The Result

Our work with Supercharged resulted in the following:

• A streamlined booking process integrated with their POS ClubSpeed
• The ability to sell gift cards online
• The ability to offer discounts and promotions to customers using online couponing
• A party booking module that would allow them to manage bookings and payments for parties easily.
• A standardized system for managing bookings, payments, and promotions across all locations.
• Automated customer data sending to marketing automation software

Since we implemented the new booking system, Supercharged has seen:

• A significant increase in online bookings. 
• The ability to upsell attractions has also resulted in more revenue per booking.
• The promotional system has been successful in driving traffic to the website and encouraging people to visit the facility more often.

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