Movie Bowl Grille

Movies, Bowling, and Arcade Games, Oh My! How We Streamlined the User Experience for Movie Bowl Grille

It’s no secret that a great user experience is essential for any business, but it can be especially important for businesses with multiple locations and complex operations, such as Movie Bowl Grille. Movie Bowl Grille approached us to help redesign their website and improve the overall user experience for their online visitors. The company has multiple locations across Texas and offers a variety of attractions, such as bowling, movies, axe throwing, rock climbing, arcade games and more.

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The Problem

Movie Bowl Grille had a variety of different systems in place, such as Intercard, Ready Theater Systems (RTS) and Brunswick, for their arcade, movie theater and restaurant, and bowling attractions, but with no unified way for customers to purchase items in one unified shopping experience. In addition, the company’s website was outdated and not optimized for mobile devices, which further contributed to a poor user experience.

The Process

First, we re-designed the website from scratch. Then, we built a custom shopping cart system that could be used to book any of the company’s attractions, such as movies, bowling, or arcade games. This required integrating with Intracard, RTS, and Brunswick. Next, we created a unified customer profile, which allowed Movie Bowl Grille to see all their customer data in one place. This data could then be extracted and used for marketing purposes. Finally, we integrated the whole system with a data aggregator and distributor to automatically distribute there show times into Googles in search movie theater showtimes and booking system.

The Result

Our work with Movie Bowl Grille resulted in the following:

• A modern, easily navigable website
• A unified shopping cart that can be used to book any of the company’s attractions
• Integration with Intracard, RTS, and Brunswick allowing a unification of customer experience and data.
• A unified customer profile with integration into their Marketing Automation Software
• Showtimes and ticket sales for movies integrated with Google

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