Bouncing Back with Bravoz: How We Rebranded a Rebounders Trampoline Park into a Powerhouse New Brand with a Wider Audience

Bravoz Entertainment Center is a trampoline park and arcade based in Jacksonville, Florida. The company approached us for help with their rebranding efforts, which included everything from creating a new logo and color scheme to designing and developing a new website. Recently, Bravoz had separated from Rebounderz, their previous franchise. As a result, they needed to create a new website that would accurately reflect their brand identity and appeal to their target market. According to their separation agreement, Bravoz had a limited time-frame to launch their new brand and website before their Franchise listing page would be shut off. Additionally, Bravoz had a go to transition from their previous target audience of primarily children 9-14 years old to a wider audience that included more adults and families. 

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The Problem

Bravoz came to us without a website of their own. As a Rebounders franchisee that was separating from the franchise they came to use in need of a new website and brand fast, as the separation was a ticking time bomb threating to take down their site and their source of marketing .

The Result

Our work with Bravoz resulted in the following:

• New name targeted to a broader audience
• New brand and company logo
• New website that reflects updated brand identity
• Mobile-friendly website to enable wider audience reach
• Streamlining of content, making it simpler for users to navigate the website
• Enablement of simpler content updates and maintenance
• Successful integration of CenterEdge
• Set-up of MailChimp for email marketingAs a result of our engagement, Bravoz has seen a significant increase in web traffic and consumer interaction. 

• “Our experience with the RocketEffect team was great. We went through a complete rebranding and redesign of our website. And so really we wanted to try to convey what Laura and I’s vision for our center and our company was. And we thought that, that the effort and the team that the RocketEffect assembled really achieved and accomplished that great.
• We had a fabulous team, composed of project managers, and other staff that were assigned to helping us rebrand our company, and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome, nothing was overlooked. There was constant communication with us at all times. And we’re so thrilled with our new website and new brands.” – David Zorn, Owner of Bravoz Entertainment Center

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