Stop Making it Hard for Your Customers to
Give You Their Money

If you’re not careful, you can shoot yourself in the foot when it comes to online sales. When potential customers are presented with multiple checkout processes, fees, or redirects to different sites, they may be discouraged from completing a purchase. Meanwhile, you’re left with lost sales and opportunities. Bottom line, doing any of these things below can discourage customers from completing a purchase on your site. Does your e-commerce checkout flow inadvertently have any of these critical sales blockers in place?

Requiring separate checkouts for transactions involving multiple products / Attractions

Charging additional fees for online purchases

Redirecting potential customers to different sites (domain Name) To complete a sale

Lengthy, Confusing, or Complex Checkout or Booking Steps

Placing What you’re selling behind a “locked door” by requiring a User To Login Before seeing It?

“hiding” the Link to your ECommerce Funnel In Your Site’s Menu Structure

The Ultimate Guide To Escape Room Marketing. Drive Traffic and Boost Sales

Your Operational Software is “Best-of-Breed”,
So, Why should your E-Commerce Platform
be any Different?

That Point of Sale software that you’re using to run your website is costing you money. Big money. How do we know that? Because we’ve run the numbers. Small differences in online conversion rates through your online store can add up — fast.

Keep your best-of-breed operational software, and use a specialized e-commerce platform, like Rocket Effect’s Uniified Commerce IQ. Then, get all your tools working together to provide best-of-breed marketing automation and insights through our Marketing IQ and Business Analytics IQ

The best of everything

Rocket Effect’s ECommerce Module gives you best-in-breed e-commerce while talking to the operational, POS, and marketing software tools you already rely on.

Provide your customers with the best user experience and power your organization with the most efficient automation and revenue optimization solution in the business.

  • Turn more visitors into buyers.
  • Increase the average ticket size of your buyer.
  • Decrease lost sales and “abandoned” shopping carts.
  • Integrate all your data across platforms so you know with certainty who your best customers are and where you’re money is coming from.
  • Implement integrated, intelligent retention programs with Retention IQ to keep your best customers coming back.

Increase your conversions by 58%

Unified Commerce IQ identifies and removes typical points of friction in your e-commerce sales process. Less friction means less frustration, less cart abandonment, more completed sales, and more money in your pocket.

How Can You reliably create this kind
of massive growth in your online sales?

Unified Commerce deploys tactics and strategies that are tried, tested, and true in order to improve your online revenue growth. “Blockages” that are slowing your checkout flows are cleared and “leaky” online funnels are patched so that your online sales soar.

Abandoned Cart Automation

Most sites lose as much as 81% of their online sales through cart abandonment. Rocket Effect’s Abandoned Cart Automation deploys tested tactics and strategies to recover as much as 10% of these otherwise lost sales. That’s cash money. In your pocket. Dropping directly to your bottom line. Without increasing your ad spend. Without a drop of sweat off your brow.

Integrated Checkout Process

If your customer has to go through multiple checkout processes to buy a movie ticket, play card, pre-order food, or reserve time on the go-karts, he just won’t. If your ecommerce platform is not integrated to include all your sources or revenue, you’re losing money. Integrate your systems with Unified Commerce to maximize your average ticket and revenue.

Consistent Branding

If you’re relying on the ecommerce platform of your POS to complete online transactions, chances are the branding options leave something to be desired. You might be surprised, but that kind of incongruent branding undermines trust in your buyer and ultimately harms sales Consistent branding with Unified Commerce leads to a lift in online sales.

Automated SMS/Texts

When combining automated, timely and relevant texts with our abandoned cart automation we can boost our abandoned cart recovery numbers to as much as 17% of otherwise lost sales. Once again, that’s “free money” on the table…just sitting there waiting for the person smart enough to pick it up.

Mobile First

More than 80% of your visitors are coming to your site from their phone. Unified Commerce is designed for the mobile guest. Stop using an outdated ecommerce solution that makes it hard for your mobile shoppers to view your offer and complete their transactions. You’ll see the flow of your new online sales swell by +10-20%

Intuitive Design

Clunky, outdated design can confuse your website visitors. Data tells us that confused visitors don’t buy. And, chances are those visitors won’t be back. Right or wrong, they associate confusing design, with a ‘meh’ on premise experience. Maximize your first impression with great design.

Responsive and Configurable

Today’s state of the art ecommerce and check-out flows are bound to change over time. Unified Commerce IQ has a configurable architecture to enables easy testing of alternative designs and future proofs your ecommerce web-flow

Integrated Booking

Many integrated ecommerce web-flows struggle to accommodate online booking and party booking for reserved experiences. The Unified Commerce IQ integrates the reservation process across multiple platforms, POS and ecommerce solutions.

Integrated Loyalty Programs

Traditional entertainment center POS systems, where ecommerce was developed as an afterthought, can struggle with tracking and redeeming points or crediting loyalty programs appropriately. Implementing and integrating these systems is a snap with Ecommerce IQ.

Intelligent Coupons

Unified Commerce provides a powerful, flexible promotional coupon platform that gives your marketing team the ability to create compelling offers that drive online and on-premise purchase behavior.

The Intelligent Coupon feature lets you deploy your coupons in whichever way you see fit.

  • Specify segments or groups of customers. Specify or restrict available dates.
  • Specify number of uses one person can use.
  • Specify the number of total uses.
  • Specify acceptable and unacceptable combinations of offers that your guests can take advantage of.

Stay in front of your customers with messages that keep you top of mind with compelling offers that drive action with Intelligent Coupons.

Dynamic cart Rules

Dynamic cart rules allow your online e-commerce transactions to respond dynamically to the customer based on intelligent segmenting.

  • Are they a VIP?
  • Are they part of the Loyalty Program?
  • Do they typically buy for a set number of family members?

Speed up your lines by ensuring your trampoline visitors always have the proper socks, go-kart enthusiasts always have a head-sock, and the proper waivers have all been completed.

Dynamic cart rules can turn your online sales channel into one of your most effective sales people. They are quick, efficient, know their customers and never forget a birthday!

Powerful Upsells

“You want fries with that?”

Most successful business people know that immediately after getting the yes is often the best time to increase the amount and profitability of a ticket with an upsell. Industry data for online sales suggest this can be as much as 12% on the average ticket. The problem is, many of today’s e-commerce platforms don’t do this very well — if at all.

Rocket Effect’s Unified Commerce includes our Intelligent Upsell module. Intelligent Upsell lets you configure a customized, dynamic upsell offer based on customer data, sales history, and more! Automatically craft a killer offer that uses “insider” knowledge about your customer to “turbo charge” your upsells and your site’s profitability. Make the right offer, to the right person, at the right time — every time!

Take control of your online sales with
Unified Commerce IQ

With RE’s Unified Commerce IQ, you’ll be able to increase sales by offering a seamless shopping experience to your customers. Our platform is designed to reduce friction, and maximize profits by allowing you to package and cross-promote your products and services. And because our transactions are completed on YOUR pages, on YOUR domain, you’ll be able to increase conversions by leverage the trust of your customers.

Don’t let lost opportunities and frustrated customers cut into your profits. Implement RE’s Unified Commerce IQ on your site today!

More freedom. More sales. Less friction.

Lube up that big purple rocket and get ready to ride into the stratosphere

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