Increase Your Customers’ Lifetime Value, Without
Increasing Your Customer Acquisition Costs

Increasing the lifetime value of your customers (LTV) without increasing your average customer acquisition costs (CAC) is the key to improve the long term profitability of your entertainment center.

Most entertainment centers already know this intuitively, but struggle to execute on retention strategies at scale. The Retention IQ can automate the process of maximizing your lifetime revenue per visitor and the profitability of your facility.

Skyrocket Customer Loyalty With
Various Integrated Programs

Points Programs

Points programs incentivize customer purchase behavior. Once combined with the system’s integrated messaging that automatically updates customers with their individual point totals, and next reward levels — it drives repeat sales.

Our Unified Commerce IQ lets guests spend their points toward free or discounted products and keeps track of everything in a clear and consistent manner.

Furthermore your points program is a great reason to communicate with your customers in a positive fashion which keeps you and your facility top of mind, once again increasing return visits and profitability.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs support and reward behaviors that demonstrate customer loyalty.

Loyalty indicators and rewards are configurable in the Retention IQ platform so that they support the initiatives that support your retention plan’s strategic goals.

Do you want to encourage monthly visits?

How about rewards for referrals or bringing friends to your facility?

Whatever the goals of your loyalty program, the Retention IQ loyalty program system has got you covered.

VIP Programs

For most entertainment centers, a small number of big spenders, or “VIP” clients account for a disproportionately large percentage of the facility’s profitability. For these special customers, the traditional Points or Loyalty program is not enough.

For these High Rollers, the Retention IQ supports a VIP program.

Your facility’s VIP program is completely customizable, and it’s really only limited by your imagination. For some businesses, it’s early access to events or new attractions, For others, it’s invitations to private events. You are free to delight your VIP guests and ensure they remain BIG SPENDERS for years to come.

Create Recurring Revenue

Recurring revenue is your company’s (and your banker’s) best friend. It can smooth out seasonal variability in your revenue. It can make your company more resilient, and able to withstand economic downturns and external macro-economic shocks.

The Retention IQ supports the development of recurring revenue products including Membership and Subscription programs.

Retention’s Membership and Subscription programs support a variety of business models, including limited access, unlimited access, or a unique mixture of products that can be included with the membership / subscription depending on the level selected by the user.

Isn’t it time your entertainment center benefited from some reliable and stable income streams?

Reward Your Best customers

Everyone loves feeling like they got a little something “extra”.

The Retention Rewards system is a great way to influence guest behaviors in a positive way and keep them coming back for more. Create special discounts, give-aways, contests, prizes — like extra play time, “buddy” passes for their friends, and more.

Rocket Effect’s Retention IQ will help you not just retain
your best customers, but turn casual users into raving fans

As you know, the most cost-efficient path to growth is through your existing customer base. Retention IQ helps you identify your most profitable customers, and deploy the right tools to keep them happy, enabling you to sell more, at higher prices, and increase loyalty – all without breaking the bank.

Reward your best customers

give them what they want

Your best customers are your most valuable asset. Retention IQ helps you show them just how much you appreciate their business by providing the tools and resources you need to create customized rewards programs.

Increase loyalty

Incentivize your best customers to visit more often

In order to increase loyalty, you need to give your customers a reason to come back. Retention IQ helps you do just that by providing the tools and resources you need to create loyalty-based programs that will keep your customers coming back for more.

Boost Customer Life Time Value

keep your best customers happy

The cost of acquiring a new customer is five times that of retaining an existing one. Retention IQ helps you keep your best customers happy and reduce customer churn, saving you time and money in the long run.

Boost retention with an experience your customers can’t resist

Get to know what messages and offers create desire and anticipation in your visitors.

Then, test and target personalized content and offers to increase offer acceptance, reduce membership or subscription cancellations. Keep your guests looking forward to next month’s offers.

It’s easy…with the right tools.

Opportunity Identification

Identify opportunities to
drive retention

Where should you focus your energy and resources to keep your best customers coming back for more? Not all groups will respond to the same incentives.

Retention IQ works with your Customer Data Platform IQ to help you uncover the incentives and reward programs that are most effective at impressing your guests and motivating them to act. Rocket Effect helps you uncover the inspiration for your next killer campaign or incentive program.

Automated outreach

Re-engage dormant users

Leverage a gold-mine of data in the Rocket Effect Customer Data Platform IQ to identify real-time changes in behavior — like, shifts in the recency and frequency of your guests’ visits. Then proactively, automatically, reach out to those customers with customized messages. Become aware of any controllable issues that could affect their purchase frequency, or just ensure that your facility stays top of mind for their next entertainment outing.

Not All Revenue Is Created Equally

We know, this is a little bit counter-intuitive. All money is the same, right? After-all, when you drop your cash receipts in the night deposit box neither your “dead presidents” nor the bank know whether they came from a game card purchase, a go-kart rental, or an order of chicken wings.

However, when that same banker goes to value your business, or evaluate your revenue for the suitability of a loan to fund your expansion, revenue that comes from a predictable, reliable, source will be viewed very differently indeed.

And it makes sense. Many of us in the entertainment center business deal with a certain amount of seasonality in our revenues. And, after the last coup.e of years, we are all painfully aware that events completely outside of our control can significantly impact the predictability of our revenue. Programs, like the Rocket Effect membership program, can even out your revenue flow, help you sleep better at night, and turn your operation a predictable, reliable, cash machine.

The Intelligent Retention Optimization
Engine For All Revenue Models


Stop guessing – Sophisticated Pattern Recognition algorithms prevent customer Churn with powerful, proven, proactive strategies

An ounce of Prevention

Churn protector

Retention IQ’s tracks signals from your customers, including, recency and frequency of historical transactions. Pattern interrupts are detected and marked for the proactive account protection protocol. The right message, with the right content, at the right time. An ounce of prevention equals a ton of cure.

Expired card management

You’ve already sold them. Don’t let an expired card inadvertently unsubscribe your customer and increase your membership or subscription churn. You can choose to have Rocket Effect securely vaults subscribers’ credit card information and use our proprietary logic to proactively manage expired cards ahead of a renewal. All on auto-pilot.


Dynamic automated customer recovery – regain lost customers

Recover Lost Customers

Dormant Account Recovery

How many customers have been to your facility (maybe more than once), presumably enjoyed their experience, and have since dropped off the radar? How do you win them back? Retention IQ identifies and automates just the right message at just the right time with these dormant accounts.

If your customers’ automated transaction fails, we use automated algorithms with complex statistical models in order to retry transactions. The result: hands-free, automated retry logic that minimizes churn and maximizes recurring revenue.

If Renewal Fails

Subscriber Message Management

Let’s face it, it’s nearly impossible these days to keep track of all the automatic payments linked to a given card. Sometimes an account is closed or a card is lost/stolen and your loyal subscriber has no idea that they’re about to fall off of your membership rolls. Automate your subscriber notifications for card updates with a bespoke automated sequence via email and/or text message.


Build Loyalty Reward Valuable Customers – Show Them They Are Appreciated

Reward your Loyal Customers

Fully Integrated Loyalty Program

Your loyal customer base are the best buffer against uncertain economic times. These are the folks that you rely on to pay the bills. They are the regulars. And you want to keep them that way. Retention IQ integrates with most all loyalty programs and ensures that regardless of the product, or channel, you most loyal customers are fairly rewarded.


Positive reviews – Refer A Friend – Buddy Passes -Grow Thru Word of Mouth

Turn Satisfied Guests into Raving Fans

Refer a Friend and Buddy Passes

Every marketer knows that there is no better marketing than word-of-mouth marketing. What fewer marketers know, is that the process of “telling a friend” about your entertainment center will actually raises your profile in the mind of the one doing the “testifying” as well! The strongest endorsement is when your friend is so excited about an experience that they want to enjoy it along with you. Retention IQ makes this word-of-mouth easy with integrated “refer a friend” programs and configurable “buddy passes” to incentivize your strongest advocates to keep singing your praises!

Review Solicitation

A big part of your guests’ decision-making process involves online reviews. How many guests enjoy a stellar experience at your facility and then, subsequently, neglect to leave a review? Retention IQ automates the process of ensuring that guests that leave your location satisfied don’t neglect to shout it from the top of the digital rooftops!

Programs & Memberships

Memberships Subscriptions, VIP, Rewards and Points Programs

Increase Your Recurring Revenue

Create a Membership or Subscription Plan

We know. It’s almost like you can’t even buy a beer these days without signing up for someone’s brew-of-the-month subscription plan. But, there is a really good reason for it. It’s one of the most predictable ways to increase the lifetime value of your customers. In addition, steady predictable revenue is the stuff of bankers’ dreams and can even out unsteady cash flow in a seasonal business that many of us operate within. Retention IQ makes this easy with fully-integrated membership and subscription plans. Sleep soundly at night as you turn your FEC into a predictable cash-flow machine.

Retain your best customers with VIP, Rewards & Points programs

Entertainment centers who’ve “done the math realize that a very small percentage of their customers make up a disproportionately large majority of their business’s profits. This kind of insight is both empowering and terrifying. Fortunately, Retention IQ has you covered! Fully integrated and configurable VIP, Rewards and Points programs let you “show the love” and keep those guests that mean so much actively engaged.

Increase Revenue

Happy Customers Equal Paying Customers – Repeat Customers Equal Lower Cost and Greater Lifetime Value

Customer Retained!

Stop trying to fill a leaky bucket. Grow your recurring revenue model faster and more efficiently by first reducing churn with the Rocket Effect Retention IQ.

Intelligent Software
to Retain more Customers

With real-time visibility and built-in engagement tools, Rocket Effect streamlines and automates the management of customer retention. Now you can respond to your customers’ needs better, strengthen relationships, and drive more repeat business and subscriber loyalty.

Stop Hemorrhaging Money

Keep Your Best Customers Happy

The cost of acquiring a new customer is five times that of retaining an existing one. Retention IQ helps you keep your best customers happy and reduce customer churn, saving you time and money in the long run.

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