What if you could take the guesswork
out of marketing?

You already know that not all customers are created equally. A select few customers drive the majority of your profits. These are the customers that become repeat customers. They tell their friends about you, and leave you great reviews.

But how do you find them? And how do you make sure you’re reaching them with the right message? Without a reliable system in place, it can feel like a shot in the dark.

Blanket marketing efforts are a thing of the past. It’s not enough to send out promotional offers to everyone on your email list – you need to be able to personalize messages and content for each individual customer.

We help you target the right customers,
with the right message, at the right time

Rocket Effect’s Marketing Automation IQ was built for one purpose: to transform your FEC into a promotional machine that gets results. We do this by taking the guesswork out of customer acquisition and giving you the tools you need to target your ideal customers with laser precision.

We find your best customers and build lookalike audiences

We start by helping you identify your most profitable customers. Then we use that information to find new prospects who closely resemble them. This ensures that you’re only reaching out to people who are most likely to convert.

We retarget at the right time

Once you’ve identified a prospect or acquired a customer, it’s important to keep them engaged. Our system helps you do this by automatically retargeting customers based on their behavior. This way, you can make sure you’re always top of mind, without having to lift a finger.

We help you scale across multiple platforms

There are a lot of advertising platforms out there, and it can be tough to keep up with all of them. We make it easy by giving you the ability to scale your campaigns across multiple platforms with just a few clicks.

We automate repetitive tasks so you can focus on the bigger picture

Marketing is a complex process, made up of many different moving parts. Our system helps you automate the tedious and time-consuming tasks involved in managing a successful campaign, so you can focus on strategy and creativity.

let Rocket Effect’s
Marketing Automation IQ
do the heavy lifting for you,

If you’re not using a marketing automation system, you’re either working way too hard, or leaving a mountain of money on the table. Stop struggling to find and keep your best customers. Instead, let Rocket Effect’s Marketing Automation IQ do the heavy lifting for you.

Real-time audiences

Timing is everything.

If your marketing process requires a clunky file downloaded from your POS or e-commerce platform and then a manual upload into your email list before you can start communicating at scale, you’ve already missed your narrow window of opportunity. Your prospective visitor is most open to your communications immediately after, or even while, they are looking at your website.

You want your first contact with that ideal customer to be before they’ve moved on to look at your competitor’s site.

By implementing the Marketing IQ’s Real-Time Audience integration, you’ll be a step ahead of the competition with a timely message, to your most profitable prospects, dynamically customized with a relevant offer.

Intent-based Signals

Utilize the Marketing IQ’s powerful real-time segmenting tool to further define your audience based on customer behavior and powerful intent-based signals.

Real-Time Suppression Lists

Respect user preferences and optimize ad efficiency with automatic syncing of real-time user lists.

Omni-channel Messaging

Send consistent messages across all channels, including ads, emails, and SMS.

Consistent Personalization
for Customer

Leverage your single source of truth in order to maintain a consistent “voice” across all of your various marketing channels. Consistency across your various customer touch-point leads to greater trust and higher open, read, click, and sales rates.

Multi-stage journeys

Not all of your visitors will follow the same path to get to “yes”. Unify the customer experience across your marketing stack to build multi-step, dependency-driven, outcomes-based journeys.

Continuous, Consistent, engagement

Personalize for every customer interaction, consistently, across all your tools and communication platforms.

Results-driven journeys

Design intuitive, multi-step, personalized interactions that drive desire, anticipation, and sales with your prospects and customers.

Automated Intelligent list removal

You wouldn’t want to keep nudging your prospect to take action if they’ve already purchased your offer. And, intelligent list removal is one way we make sure that your messages reflect what the guest is most interested in — at that moment.

Marketing IQ makes sure that your communications are changing and moving with your guest as they step through their customer journey. And, with our automation, you to do this at scale.

Guests are allowed to move through your sales funnel at the pace that makes the most sense for them. And, you are there, supporting them at every step, with timely, logical support for their decision-making process.

Marketing IQ Success Stories

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50% Retention Rate

Rocket Effect’s Marketing IQ transformed our marketing game. Identifying profitable customers, creating lookalike audiences, and real-time audience integration have made our campaigns targeted and timely. Automation of tasks allows us to focus on strategy, and the consistent personalization across channels boosts trust. Multi-stage journeys and results-driven interactions have significantly increased our sales. Rocket Effect’s Marketing IQ is a must-have for any business serious about results.

Anna Smith
Lead Product Owner

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