Siloed data is hurting your business

Most FECs today rely on a patchwork of disconnected data sources and manual processes and gut-feel to make decisions.

This is time-consuming, error-prone, and limits your ability to respond quickly to changes in your market. Ultimately, this hurts your ability to grow and scale your business.

Integrate Your various
“Best-in-Class” Systems To Unlock Your Business’ Potential
or Supercharge Your “All In One”.

Connect all of your customer-facing operations into a single platform so you can get a 360 degree view of your customers. From POS transactions, to in-app purchases, to loyalty programs and more.

Or Supercharge your All-In-One with best in class revenue optimization and marketing automation software.

Import Data Directly from your Existing Customer Data Platforms (POS, Kiosk, Waiver, Party Booking Software etc)

Seamlessly Merge Your Data To Create Meaningful Insights

Use that Data to Create user Profiles, Segment Customers, and Maximize R.O.I.

Have You noticed this?

There’s suddenly no shortage of “gurus” telling us that we should be collecting as much data as
possible. But, none of these experts seem very clear about “how”
we should be collecting the data or what to do with it once we’ve got it.

Existing Industry Tools
Make this Nearly

For many of the most popular tools in the industry, their zeal to become the “all-in-one” software solution for the industry has meant that they focused less on creating software that was truly interoperable with other leading platforms…

The Horns of A Dilemma

Of course, for these software platforms it wasn’t always possible to be the “best” at everything.

So, those of us running entertainment centers have been forced to choose what’s most important to our operation. Did we require the most robust cashless solution? Best go-kart track management software? Restaurant? Arcade? ECommerce?

But what if there was a way to pull it all together?

Now, You can Finally Pull it All Together

Now, you’re able to connect your existing tools via the Connections IQ and leverage your data in our powerful analytics platform. You can analyze user behavior and usage patterns in order to optimize marketing programs, increase customer engagement, and maximize your ROI.

Something for Everyone

Once you’ve pulled all of your operation’s data together with our Connections, you’ve got a powerful solution that combines the best of all worlds.

Your manager will be able to easily navigate the data and make informed decisions with confidence.

Your customer service team will love how easy it is to use and understand.

Your sales team will appreciate the insights they can gain from detailed customer reports.

your marketing team will be able to make more informed decisions that drive better ROI.

Bring It All Together

started is easy

Contact us to see how building a bridge between your mission-critical applications can change the game for your entertainment center.

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